Covid-19 Update – February 1, 2021

COVID 19 – Restrictions
Unfortunately, it looks like we are still a few more weeks out from being able to resume rehearsals with our orchestra program. Based on what we know now, we expect to resume the week of March 1st. The most recent update from the province did, however, provide a framework for what they are planning. You can review it by clicking here.

On February 8th, the Province plans to move to Stage 1, which will allow a few changes for restaurants.
Three weeks later, they will consider moving to Stage 2, which will allow some children’s programming to resume.
We are waiting for clarification, but we believe that this stage will include programs like ours that don’t include singing or wind instruments.
Again the earliest we expect to get more details about resuming is the week of March 1st to 5th.

Between now and then, we will continue to send you updates via email, and we hope that your students will continue practicing and stay in contact with their conductors.

Spring Concert
Assuming restrictions continue to ease, we are planning to hold a spring concert at the end of May.
We’ll provide more details about that as soon as possible.

June Continuation
One decision the board has made is that we will add an extra month of rehearsals to our calendar – normally the program ends at the end of May, but since we haven’t been able to meet during January and won’t be able to meet in February, our conductors have committed to continuing to provide instruction through to the end of June.

Planning Committee
During this time, your Board is continuing to meet and to plan for the future of the Music Enrichment Program.
We would love to hear from you if you would like to be part of discussions about future programming and sustainability – please get in touch with our VP, Andrew Hoskins.

We would also appreciate hearing from you if you have ideas for arts and community grants that our program may be eligible for. As you know, we will not have a casino this year, so we are looking into options for funding to cover our program costs. We have stripped our operating costs to as low as possible but still need to cover some expenses.
Any assistance with Grant Writing would also be appreciated – please get in touch with our President, Karen Hipson.

Finally, if your student has benefited from the MEP program, would you be willing to provide a review or a testimonial?
We need some testimonials to help with grant writing as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continued support!

Executive Board
Edmonton String Players Association

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