Can you help the Music Enrichment Program?

Summer is finally here! And now we really need your help.

To make sure that we start strong in September and give your students the best orchestra experience, we have a goal of at least 60 students.
In order to reach that goal, we need to make sure people know about our program!

How can you help?

  1. Share the MEP website on your social media pages!
  2. Email your friends and family who are fellow string players and invite them to check out the program.
  3. Ask your students’ teachers whether they know about the orchestra and if they would share the information with other students.
  4. Share a video from our YouTube channel, and/or comment on your favorite videos.
  5. Post a review on the MEP Facebook page!
  6. Post a review on Google!
  7. Put up a poster at your local library, school, music store, or community bulletin board (ask first, of course!)


Thank you for your support!

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